The best way for Lanekatuk Memorial to proceed in Latwong is to become a facilitator rather than a
provider. The spirit of the people has been broken by war and a life of dependency in the camps.
Durable change will only come about if the local government will assume its role as a service provider
for the community and the community realizes the resources that the local government can and should
provide and takes an active role in rebuilding their home. Education will be a major factor and
challenge. The lost culture and heritage should be restored and the link to their rich and ancient past

Primary concerns are a safe, reliable, and protected water supply, reliable health services, a solid
primary and secondary education system, and active community involvement.

The specific goals we will be targeting are:

Establish a working relationship with local community leaders and recruit a local liaison volunteer to
assist with the coordination with the local community and community leaders. To this end the
organization has made initial contacts with local government leaders and we are laying the groundwork
for working in our initial area of interest.

Establish a Reliable Potable Water Supply.

Establish HCI and eventually HCII level heath center.

Establish Adult Education Center in Coordination with HCI and VHT(s).

Establish Neonatal, Midwife, Post Natal Care/Education Unit (HCIII).

Establish Reference Library for Use by Staff, Clinic, Education Center, School, and Public.

Establish Pre-School (Nursery).

Establish Primary School.

Establish Secondary School, O-level.

Establish Secondary School, A-level.

We believe that the fulfillment of these goals will create jobs and markets that will lead to a sustainable
local economy and a functional community. All of this of course requires money and the dedication of
the members of Lanekatuk Memorial, volunteers, and the local Latwong community and local

Won't you please consider donating to our cause and/or volunteering for our organization?

Thank you.

Lanekatuk Memorial, Inc.