The Mission Statement of Lanekatuk Memorial

Our mission:
to bring health, education, and social intellectual development to people whose lives
were negatively impacted in the war zones of Uganda.

The primary aims of the organization: to eradicate unexpected death, to inspire people and make a
difference in their lives; to provide and expand education and healthcare services, practicing
sustainable development in these fields throughout Uganda.

Who will benefit: all people, including unborn babies, with the help of primary medical care,
education and research to alleviate ignorance, poverty and injustice… we will extend care to the very
needy and to future generations, who will be inspired by these pioneering services initiated by
Lanekatuk Memorial.

Organizational values: commitment with a will to succeed, by giving excellent service, and
embodying diversity, creativity, honesty and integrity; we will respect our environment - plants, animals
and nature - and protect our cultural beliefs and values, while taking the best from western culture to
develop a foundation based on humanitarian ideals, to create a society that will be a better place to live
in the world.

This nonprofit organization: is a well-thought-out and well-intended dream for the future, with the
aim of achieving the greater good for all Ugandans, which will honor those who valued education and
healthcare, but due to poverty and war, were unable to pursue their goals in these fields.

Business Objectives: To provide health and education services, starting at the basic level:
Lanekatuk Memorial, Inc.
1) A clinic/dispensary, to provide information and help eradicate diseases such as cholera,
malaria, and hypertension. To support the health of men, women and children, educate them
to practice prevention of unwanted pregnancy, and how to prevent and treat curable
diseases in men and women.

2) Support education, by building schools, learning centers and libraries for the community,
and supporting education programs already in existence, pro-viding training, books and
supplies for the teachers, students and families.