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The Gnawing Thoughts:

In her eye-opening and moving memoir, "The Gnawing Thoughts", Hida Jessie Piersma provides a rare,
first-person glimpse of growing up in Uganda during the regime of Idi Amin—and the incredible fortitude
that gave her a fighting chance at a better life, in Europe and America.

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Colgate University Book Store
3 Utica Street
Hamilton, New York

Harris Brothers
13 New Hartford Shopping Center
New Hartford, New York
(315) 733-4686

Michael's Jewelers
2012 Genesee Street
Utica, New York
(315) 797-0380

Book Store
located in the Annenberg Building West Lobby (next to Starbucks)
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Manhattan, New York

"The Gnawing Thoughts" is also available at the following libraries:

Clayville Public Library
2265 Oneida St.
Clayville, NY 13322
(315) 839-5893

New Hartford Library
New Hartford, NY
2 Library Lane
New Hartford, NY 13413-2815
(315) 733-1535

Jervis Public Library
Rome, NY
613 N. Washington St.
Rome, NY 13440-4296
(315) 336-4570

Utica College
Office of Career Services
Room 206, Strebel Student Center
1600 Burrstone Rd.
Utica, NY 13502

Utica Public Library
Utica, NY
303 Genesee St.
Utica, NY 13501-3888
(315) 735-2279

Dunham Library
Whitesboro, NY
76 Main St.
Whitesboro, NY 13492
(315) 736-9734

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"A unique and thoughtful memoir, well worth considering. Africa's many counties struggle for a sense
of normalcy, with its people growing up in a depression.
The Gnawing Thoughts tells the story of
Hida Jessie Piersma, a woman who struggles through life, originally growing up in Uganda under the
warlord Idi Amin. Telling her story of finding her way in life through her harsh start in life to America
and a life worth living,
The Gnawing Thoughts is a unique and thoughtful memoir, well worth
- Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

"... excellent book. It is interesting to find that there are a lot of common feelings and experiences
between imigrants, even if coming from very different places of the globe."
- Dr. Harry Schanzer, Clinical Professor of Surgery, New York, NY

"I just finished reading it. I can't tell you how much I was moved by your memoir--a story of life, love,
hope and dreams."
-Dr. Mary Kay Maroney, Director and Professor Emeritus, Utica, NY

"A vivid account of an extraordinary life lived by a woman whose determination overcame boundless
obstacles. Bravo!"
-Pamela C., New York, NY

"Wow. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. Very interesting story. The author
gives hope to those who feel as though their dreams are unattainable. This story will inspire one to
accomplish their goals. Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt story. "
-S. Girard

"Hida Jessie Piersma has written an interesting memoir of her life in Uganda under the reign of dictator
Idi Amin. Ms. Piersma describes a deprived and uncultured upbringing, in which multiple wives, dying
children, primitive health care and poverty all played a basic role in daily life. Her father was a local
schoolteacher raising five children, after his wife was taken back by her family following a family
dispute involving money.

Despite being a single parent herself, Ms. Piersma managed to immigrate to Europe, where she began to
see various life styles not available to her in Uganda. She began to take night classes, after working a
day job to support herself and her daughter. Throughout her trials and tribulations, she kept focused on
her hope of extricating herself from poverty via a good education, a dream she finally realized, after
marrying and moving to the United States.

This book has the potential to appeal to many readers. Mrs. Piersma's writing is unique and worthy of
attention. "
-Reader's Favorite, Hawesville, KY

"I am not an avid reader, nor I am I book critic, but I do know what I like. Even thought this is a
memoir I found it to be an interesting story. I am one of those people that if I start to read a book and it
doesn't interest me, I put it down and may never pick it up again. This story I found interesting and I
found that I wanted to keep reading it. In fact, I finished it. This story takes you from the bush in Africa
to northern Italy and finally to the United States and New York City. Not only are you entertained along
the way, you are also inspired. The story flows smoothly and is easy to read and follow. For those of
us who read only one or two books a year, I recommend that this book should be one of them."
-John, New York, NY

"Just finished reading your book, I cried in parts and laughed in parts... what a journey ..God Bless you
-J. Woods, RN, BSN, Maryland

"Incredible story. Ms. Piersma proves that hard work, constant diligence, refusal to give up can and do
lead to success...even in the most dire and difficult of circumstances. Bravo Ms. Piersma. You will
inspire many with your story. I will support your cause to help the people of northern Uganda. "
-T. Lott "Tiffany", Maine

"Coming from a third world country, your main goal is to be successfull; many of us go trough so
many obstacles and inabilities to adapt nor have the means to achieve our goals...
The Gnawing
is a book especially for those who are looking for a true life story to give them motivation
and inspiration."

- Taylor Virginia Beach, VA

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