Lanekatuk Memorial, Inc.
The Lord's Resistance Army (also Lord's
Resistance Movement or Lakwena Part Two) is a
sectarian Christian militant group based in
northern Uganda.

The group was formed in 1987 and is engaged in
an armed rebellion against the Ugandan
government in what is now one of Africa's
longest-running conflicts. It is led by Joseph
Kony, who proclaims himself the "spokesperson"
of God and a spirit medium, primarily of the Holy
Spirit, which the Acholi believe can represent itself
in many manifestations.

The group adheres to a syncretistic blend of
Christianity, Mysticism, traditional religion, and
witchcraft, and claims to be establishing a
theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments
and Acholi tradition. The LRA is accused of
widespread human rights violations, including
murder, abduction, mutilation, sexual enslavement
of women and children, and forcing children to
participate in hostilities.

The LRA operates mainly in northern Uganda, but
also in parts of Sudan, Central African Republic
and DR Congo. The LRA is currently proscribed
as a terrorist organization by the United States.

Flag of the LRA
Areas Affected by LRA Activity.